Rodrigo Reyes

Rodrigo Reyes

Developing software since I was 14 years old, now I'm a professional technologist with 17+ years of computer science, software design, software development, and system architecture, with a self-improvement aptitude. The sky is the limit words from a close friend.
Right now I am working with .Net Core, C#, Ruby On Rails, Docker, Modern Javascript, TypeScript, React and NextJS
Also, I enjoy composing music, play guitars, drawing Pixel Art, designing and developing indie video games where I can create experiences and tell stories. You can listen to some of my music tracks in my SoundCloud profile.
Take a look at my published indie video games at Firedream Interactive

Showcase Technology Playground

Acme Photography

Small website to showcase flex, css3, and html5

Take a look into it


Small React App where you can add images URLs and comments

Build with: React + Redux + ES6 + redux-thunk + firebase-database

Take a look into it


Small classic Rails App, where you can share your recipes to the world.

Build with: Ruby 2.6.2 + Rails 5.2.3 + Action Cable + Bootstrap 4 + PostgreSQL + Gravatar + AWS S3

Take a look into it

Fractured Memories™ 2016

My first indie game release. Accept the challenge to explore a new alien world.

Build with: Unity Engine and C#

Take a look into it

Play it on Kongreagte

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